Financial Support

 1.     Students attending NCTS Annual Theory Meeting 2016: Particles, Cosmology and String (Dec. 6th-9th) could apply for financial support by NCTS for the travel expenses and accommodation cost, with an upper limit of NTD 1200 per night per person (students) for accommodation cost.
*Note: Students’ full attendance at the annual meeting (Dec. 6th-9th) is required for the financial support by NCTS.
2.      Financial support-travel (Taiwan) and accommodation cost are also available to faculties and postdocs who have no other means of funding support, with an upper limit of NTD 1600 per night per person (faculties/postdocs).
3.      For the application of financial support, please fill out below application form and email to Ms. Candie Chiu <> by Nov. 20th, 2016.
  Application form --> download
  (1) The applications for all the financial supports must be submitted before or on Nov. 20, 2016. Late applications will not be approved.
  (2) All of the application submitted before the deadline (Nov. 20th) for financial support will be considered and examined. The namelist of financial support approved by NCTS will be contacted by email before Nov. 30th.
4.      The documents required for financial support:
  (1)   bus/Taiwan Railways train ticket (客運或台鐵火車票票根)
  (2)   hotel receipt (旅館住宿收據)
  (1) Please provide bus/Taiwan Railways train ticket and a hotel receipt at the registration desk on the last day of the annual meeting (Dec. 9th).
(請將客運/台鐵火車票票根及住宿收據於2016年12月9日 (年會最後一天) 繳交於報名登記桌,供經費補助之用。)
  (2) Only bus/Taiwan Railways train tickets are allowed to be supported as travel expenses.
  (3) The hotel receipt provided should state the title of 國立清華大學; uniform invoice number: 46804804.
Otherwise, your accommodation cost will not be able to be financially supported by NCTS based on relevant reimbursement regulations.
5.      Please book a hotel room by yourself. Local accommodation (outside of NTHU campus) information is as follows:
       (1) 元首經典飯店
       (2) Royal Hotel 老爺商務旅館 (Note: The rooms can be booked by phone.)