Nobel Laureate Prof Jerome Friedman visits NCTS and NTHU

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Prof Jerome Friedman (1990 Nobel Laureate in Physics) visited NCTS and NTHU and deliver the 2016 Nobel Laureates Lectures on July 12, 2:00pm at the International Hall, Macronix Building. He first discussed with research fellows and center scientists in NCTS about the future development in high energy physics, and then had a press confernece for reporters from different newspapers and medias, talking about his experience in educational and academic life. He encourage young students from physics department to seek for his/her own enthusiasm in life rather than a certain object to achieve. In the afternoon, he shared his story about how to discover quarks in late 60's, stimulating many high school students as well as students/faculty in NTHU from other background. Prof. Friedman's visit brought fruitful wisdom and inspiration to people in that day and has been reported in many mass media. Below are part of the vedio recording about his visit.

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